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The strength of this word is the foundation of my life. Having a drive to reach for the stars and touch them. To dream a dream that you don’t ever wake from. Too live life to the fullest and not listen to the misconceptions of non-believers. To want something so bad you can taste it. A determination so deep that it cannot be undermined.


Either you’ve got it or you don’t. Soul is seen in the dance of people who groove to their own beat. They dance for themselves, caring not who sees them do more than just witness the dancer. They witness the soul of the dancer while he dances to the music and the beat, embodying all that creativity and emotion that goes into the pulse of the dance floor and comes from the heart.


Unhindered by the weight of the world you can go as fat as your legs will take you. An open mind and open heart are a cradle for freedom. To do what you want to do is to be free. When I dance I am free.

The passion that I have for fire, music, and live can been seen while I spin the weight of the world away from me, soaring to freedom. This is a freedom that cannot be taken away, for each man creates it for themselves.

So… Who wants to be free?!