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My inspiration for spinning is watching how the flow and balance of movements that go into it all… watching people move so fluid when they dance with fire drives me to want to flow as well as they do, and to find my own flow of movement… my biggest inspirations are the people I spin with, all their styles and personalities are put together in a show of great art, the fire many go out fast, but the great show put into it seems like a life time!

I started fire spinning in the late year of 2002… how it all started is when a friend and I went to a Goth fest way back when, and we saw our first fire show… we both thought they were really awesome on everything they did… later after the show we talked to the performers, asking them all sorts of questions about it and how they got into fire performing and if it were easy to do, turned out that they were also looking to train new people to join their troupe… my friend jumped at the opportunity, while I was a bit stand offish to it, cause back then I was scared of fire… a month later I went with my friend to one of their fire practices to see about the whole thing… I figured I’d give it a try and try to conquer my fear of fire… and for the first time trial they handed me one lit poi and told me to spin it to see how I moved with it… they likes what they saw, and told me to practice with both chains, unlit of course… 3 months later I conquered my fear of fire, and with the help of fellow spinners I was spinning better than I ever thought I would… I performed with my first group for 3 and a half years or so before I took my leave of the troupe and had a year of being a freelance spinner (a lot tougher than I thought)… after my freelance year, on April 20, 2007 I was welcomed into my new fire troupe “Brothers of the Flame”. Since then I’ve learned so much and will continue to learn more than I ever thought I would.

When I perform, I’m caught in my own little world… feeling the flow of the fire while moving with it in a dance gives me the feeling of all the problems in the world are taken away, making me feel like I can do anything… what more can I say? It’s my crazy little world that I invite you to see how I feel.

The best thing about performing is just about everything… the traveling, the people, the events, it is s always fun to do a show for people anywhere at just about any time. The looks on people’s faces is probably the best thing though… especially if it is their first time seeing a show. I’d say the biggest show I’ve done, or rather, been in would have to be when we opened for the Monster Truck show back in 2010,that was a crazy fun show, although  I was so worn out by the end of the show, it was awesome! I love it and live for it, performing is the closes thing to being famous.