Profile Photo of VortexWell, to start off, I started spinning because I love the artistic value this provides me. I have always been visually oriented, so when I first saw someone spinning fire I was greatly intrigued. I wanted to know how and I was eager to learn. This is how I met Vertigo. He would be at the club and I would always be there asking, “How do you do this?” He was willing to show me but would get irritated at how fast I picked up his moves. So at that point we decided to form a partnership, the Brothers of the Flame.
Today it is becoming harder and harder to stay on top of things. There are a lot of people interested in poi. The only problem I see is that the style is fading away and all the people want to do is compete with each other and to me is kills the artistic value of it all.
To tell the truth, my goals are to show the world what we, as a team, have to offer. We started as two and are now well over 6 Brothers strong. I want to travel and perform for as many people as possible.