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Having a love of art since childhood, I have always appreciated elements and principles of design. After I graduated from school I did a bit of soul searching, but it was not until I found a place that would change me forever. There I met a friend that I would hold dear to my heart and some time later become one of my brothers. Not even wanting to learn poi at first, I was challenged into the art. After a few hours I was addicted and could not stop spinning day and night, bruise after bruise. I learned a lot and always kept trying to learn something new.

After a year and a half of spinning glowsticks I wanted to take it to the next level. I soon met some fellow San Antonian and Austinite Fire spinners that pointed me in the right direction. From that point on it was homemade wicks and blisters from burns. I performed alone at first, but soon met Vortex who took an interest in fire poi.
I called myself Vertigo, and from that point on we formed the Brothers of the Flame, and the rest is history to be made!!

      As I spin the portals of sound around my body, I unleash my soul and heart upon the dance floor and show the newcomers what our world is about. I embrace them with flames and green auras of light. Those who Vertigo know why the name is, and what I stand for. Raving from 94 and never before. I greet and play in the shadows of sound with the typical laughter of my mouth. For I’m a humble servant of the sound. That is always true. Love from the flames. Vertigo.