Well it all started about 2001 when my work, Far West, was throwing a party. I saw some friends spinning glowsticks and it was amazing and it was Vertigo and some other really good friends Sara and Payton. When I saw everybody spinning it was great, I mean I didn’t know what to do but watch in amazement. Then I picked up some glowsticks, spun them around, and cracked my self hard and told my roommate Mike, “I am never doing this again HA HA HA.”
About a week later a couple of friends and I were kicking back, and my friend Steve was spinning. So I asked if he would show me some stuff. And it was on from there. I was out of control, I couldn’t stop. I was spinning everywhere, at work, clubs, my house, everywhere. I would spin to anything as long as it had a beat I didn’t care.
As I finally placed the face with a new name I later realized I have known Vertigo for many years, as we were classmates. We then rekindled a old friendship that evolved to a new awakening. I started running into Vertigo and the brothers every where in the the scene and the love started for the art and I wanted learn more so I practiced for about a year half before I picked up some wicks and did my first burn. After that I wanted to burn all the time it was great! I found what was missing, I was whole. Shortly after that I started hanging outwith the Brothers of the Flame it was like I was part of a family, they accepted me for who I was and they saw the love that I have for the art and that I am not out for the competition. That is not what this is about, it is about fun, entertainment, and the look on the crowds face when we are done. They are scarred by a performance that has moved them inside, each a different way. That is what makes me try harder to be a better artist, what makes us all try harder. “The stage is our canvas and our wicks are the brushes to present a picture for all to see what we love to do.”
After Vertigo adopted me as a true brother I felt I was finally accepted into the family. Satyr was then born into the fire realm.