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Around 2002 you could always find me at e club dancing. Back then I was always in a circle battling other dancers. But we always shared the circle with the Brothers. At that time these guys took spinning to a whole other level in San Antonio. These guys truly inspired me! I picked up glowsticks and lights but couldn’t step away from dancing.From hanging out with these guys over the next few years, I picked up more moves and then took me on as “the rookie” in 2006. Dancing was no longer my first love, Fire was in my life now! I earned my place among the brothers at Nightmare on Grayson, which has come to be known to us as “the trials” for the Brothers. After years of performing I’ve noticed the thing that makes it all worth it is the people’s reaction while watching us control something so unpredictable. There are certain shows that stand out the most in my heart, Luminaria 2011 and my first year at Flipside. I don’t get to make every show being a ruffneck on a rig, but if you do catch me I’ll give you a show. By the way the name is RAYVN, see ya next show!