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“Buy the ticket, take the ride…” – Hunter S. Thompson

My Story begins with a house party I went to after a break up with one of my ex-girlfriends. I had been into punk and heavy metal music for as long as I could remember, and a very good friend of mine that I had grown up with who was into the same style of music as I was, started transitioning into a new arena of music…electronic! So after many months of trying to influence me into his new found passion, I too started to express my excitement towards the dance movement. So it was one night after a very harsh break up, that I arrived at the door step of this friend who I have looked up to for many years, and who I treat as an older brother I never had. For a night of fun filled relinquishment, and discovery; this was my last chance at something…better.
I had found them…my family! I associated myself with people who meant so much to me in only a matter of hours. It hit me like a ton of bricks, I was laughing and socializing and having the time of my life with people I HARDLY KNEW! And as the wee hours of the night strolled along…
“Hey dude, check this out, these guys spin fire!”
“What?! Are you serious?!”
…and that’s when my jaw hit the floor…
They had fueled up, and were performing in the mid-morning dew and drizzle, with the hue of grey in the back drop and it was…beautiful. I couldn’t stop thinking about the next time I would see them spin again, when I would have the courage to do what they did, when I would be a part of the team. When I could be one of…THE BROTHERS OF THE FLAME!
And the rest…is history in the making…
My performance is very much a dance with the devil, I spin fire all around me…scorching hot flame…its an exhilarating thrill unlike any other. It takes skill and concentration but one must also have a playful and daring mind as well, it is a balance which without either a performance can’t exist.
As the rookie of the team, I have been a safety for the team and an actual performer with the brothers for around 2 ½ years now. I am quite dedicated, going to practice as often as I can, practicing any lesson that is taught to me. I have found my passion. The brothers of the flame has saved my life, and I have been created anew…without this troupe I would not be the man that I am today…I would not have the people I love…and I WOULD NOT be as happy as I am right now…I am a fire performer for life!